Violation Process

In order to report a violation, it must be in writing, supported by photographic evidence if possible, and sent to the managing agent.

Violation letters are sent out on behalf of the Board in accordance with the approved violation policy.

After the required letters are sent without satisfactory compliance (typically 10 days to correct per letter), a hearing notice is sent.  The hearing is before the Board, a hearing panel, or the architectural committee so the homeowner has a chance to express his/her viewpoint on the violation.

After the hearing, a hearing results letter will be sent out stating the decision of the hearing panel.  Typically it includes a time period during which any uncorrected violations must be corrected.  At this point, an initial violation fine can be imposed.  If the violations are not corrected after this point, they are subject to on-going fines imposed by the hearing panel.

A homeowner who is incurring fines has those fines charged to their association assessment account, and is eligible for a possible lien to be placed on their home, and possible foreclosure should the violation fail to be corrected.

If you would like additional information regarding the Violation Process please contact Greenway Realty Management.